Hop to the bounciest of all 5k runs in Pittsburgh!

The bounciest, funnest, most playful of all 5k runs in Pittsburgh is headed your way! 

5k runs in PittsburghWhether you’re an exercise junkie, participate in sports from time to time, or hate the idea of physical activity all together, this 5k is for you! Not only will you have the time of your life at the bounciest adults and kids events in Pittsburgh, you don’t need to be in top shape, and no prior training is required! Just a positive and fun attitude is all that’s required. Yes, we said ‘kid’s event’, so that means bring your young ones and have a parents-against-children face off! This event really is for everyone! Boys and girls, coworkers and bosses, brides and bridesmaids can pair up against each other all in the name of fun. Maybe there is special day coming up in your life or someone you know is getting promoted? Wouldn’t you want to have a wild celebration? Ditch the traditional party planning and take a few hours of your day to team up with your best pals! So, who are the masterminds behind these events? The XtremeAIR 5k team, of course! They are the ones that pride themselves on full-force fun with very little mess or skill involved. So no matter what shape or size you are, you are welcome to participate. This is one of the few 5k runs in Pittsburgh where it’s not about winning or being in tip-top shape; it’s about letting loose and having fun. Who cares who gets to the finish line first as long as you’re having one, right?!

The Showdown

On October 1st 2016, you and your crew will meet at South Park Fairgrounds Complex (directions can be found here). You will be in awe of the 12 giant inflatable bounces house that line the course! These highly durable obstacles are made with the toughest materials and are equipped with safety netting to ensure only fun is to be had! Don’t let the bright and vibrant colors fool you because these guys don’t play. Each obstacle has a mind of its own, challenging and strengthening the body in a full-body cardio session. Game On, introduces you to what’s to come while The Cliffhanger will have you climb up and down incredibly steep heights while checking your balance. Let’s introduce you to The Beast, where the name says it all. As you approach, you’ll notice something a little familiar about this one; wait a minute! Haven’t you already these?! YUP! Now you’re going to all the obstacle over again in one giant and long obstacles, so don’t trip up now!

Registration is open now!

All ages that meet the height minimum of 48” are welcome to join so grab your tickets because prices will increase closer to race day (if we have any left!). Teams, first responders, and military personnel all recieve a discount, so make sure to take advantage if you fall into any of these categories! You will select your preferred wave upon registering, which you can go to straight away by clicking here. One you’ve registered, it is encouraged to pick up your packet the day before the race at the designated location, to save time on race day. Details can be found on the event page. Procrastinators, fear not! If race day arrives and you still haven’t registered or picked up your packet, you can do this the morning of the event, just be sure to arrive about an hour early to make sure you have enough time to park, grab your tickets, pick up your packet, and scope out the course.

See you on race day!