The Most Adventurous Wisconsin 5k To Ever Land in Your City!

Wisconsin 5k

Get ready to experience the time of your life at this Wisconsin 5k. This year, there’s a whole new meaning of the words ‘5k’ and it’s selling out fast! Hey Wisconsin! Who’s the Big Cheese that’s moving into town on August 13th 2016? Why, only the biggest, bounciest, and hottest event to hit the end…

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An epic Iola 5k to remember!

Iola 5k

Bounce your way to a good time this August because the most exciting Iola 5k is heading your way! Move your weekend plans to the following weekend because this is an adventure you don’t want to miss! This Iola 5k will have you making memories for years to come! It’s a 5k in Wisconsin unlike any you…

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Adventure awaits you at this Indianapolis 5k!

Indianapolis 5k

What are you doing this summer? You should bounce on over to the hottest Indianapolis 5k ever to grace your area! Good morning, Indianapolis! Get ready for the most epic adventure in Indianapolis 5k history. This inflatable 5k will be unlike anything that you have ever experienced because it requires all participants to have fun,…

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The Adventure begins with a Bouncy 5k race in Iola!

5k race in Iola

A hopping good time is about to bounce your way this season! Check out the most epic 5k race in Iola! When you think of a 5k race in Wisconsin, what’s the first thing that pops in your mind? Maybe the endless hours of training, food restrictions, and post-run aches and pains? Well, this 5k…

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A hoppin’ good time is coming to the next 5k run in Iola!

5k run in Iola

Bounce your way over to the craziest 5k run in Iola ever to hit your town! Ok, Wisconsin! Get up and get hopping to your nearest 5k run in Iola because this year you do not want to miss it. This summer’s hottest event will have you laughing, crawling, and tumbling through each of its 12…

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Lexington KY 5k is Bouncy this year!

lexington ky 5k

Get ready, get set, and bounce towards this exciting event in the history of Lexington KY 5k races! When you think of Kentucky, what crosses your mind? Horse races, Kernel Sanders and the Wild Turkey Distillery should pop up. Well, now you’ll be singing the praises of this incredibly fun-filled, knock-your-socks-off Lexington KY 5k run…

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Bounce your way to this 5k run in Iola this August!

5k Runs in Iola

Don’t miss this exciting event to hit Wisconsin – the craziest of any 5k runs in Iola!  What’s up, Wisconsin! Have you thought about participating in a 5k this year but are slightly intimidated? Maybe you’re afraid you’re not in good enough shape or perhaps you think you don’t have enough time to prepare? Well, forget all…

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This Indianapolis 5k Run Will Be the Most Fun and Bounciest Ever!

Indianapolis 5k run

This Indianapolis 5k run will send you to new heights! What are you waiting for, Indianapolis!? This is the most exciting event to ever hit your city in recent 5k run history, and it’s about to be epic! 12 inflatable obstacles lay across the serene White River State Park introducing you to all whole new…

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The Bounciest all-ages Oshkosh 5k is here!

Oshkosh 5k

The 5k races in Wisconsin have never been this exciting! People of Oshkosh listen up! There is a new twist on 5k races in Wisconsin and you will want in on the action! This inflatable obstacle course 5k combines strength and cardio training with the ultimate fun and excitement! Leave your hard-core training methods at home…

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Don’t Miss the Bounciest, Most Fun Indianapolis 5k Run Yet!

5k races in Indianapolis

Are you ready to challenge yourself at the most epic Indianapolis 5k Run ever? What kind of excitement can you get into on the Saturday morning of August 20th, 2016? Well, only the bounciest, most action-packed Indianapolis 5k run you’ve ever seen! Here’s the catch: no negative, competitive attitudes required! You must have fun, lose all you…

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