There’s no better way to bond with your fellow workers and build up a sense of camaraderie than sharing in the thrilling experience of an XtremeAIR 5K. Our obstacle runs present a unique opportunity for employees to come together and work as a team to overcome challenges, while still enjoying the fun of a friendly competition. 


Teams can be co-ed and mixed ages as well. Most of our teams prefer to run in the same heat but that decision is up to you. We welcome any size group, but keep in mind that if the wave your team wants to run in fills up, you may be split up into more than one heat (so that we don’t exceed the safety capacity of our courses).

Getting Registered

At XtremeAIR 5K we welcome corporate teams and want to make creating them as easy as possible. You don’t know specifically who wants to run, or even the exact number of runners that will be on your team? No problem. Simply start your individual registration process and you will be given the opportunity to create your team as the team captain. When members of your team register, they will be given the option to "join a team".  They will find your team through a search field.  Once they have selected and joined your team, each member including the captain, will be given a $5.00 discount automatically at checkout. Have more than 10 members and want to pay for all of the members of your team at once? Great! Please contact us for details and instructions.

*Cannot be used in combination with any other discounts or promotions. Participants who registered before purchasing the corporate package will not be eligible for the discount. Processing fees not included in discount.

You may be wondering if one person can come to our pre-race packet pick-up and collect the packets for everyone.   You are welcome to pick up packets for your family/friends/teammates on one condition.  Every participant must have signed their waiver during the registration process in order for the packet to be picked up.  If the waiver was not signed in the system and the participant is not present to sign it on site, the packet will not be released.

 Ditch the suit and tie, put on your running shoes, and get your team out of the office and into some fun!