Get In Xtreme Shape!

So you want to run an XtremeAIR 5K, huh? While all of our inflatable obstacle courses are designed to maximize fun and be inclusive of a wide range of ages and abilities, we find there are a few different mindsets of the people who take part in our runs. From those who are there simply to have a good time, get in a few good laughs and create fond memories with friends; to those with a fierce competitive streak who view our events as 5k’s with an added degree of difficulty, striving to get past each obstacle and on to the next as quickly as possible. Whichever of these categories you fall into, we suggest you take a look at a few of our tips to get you prepared for one of the most exciting, and possibly challenging, runs you’ve ever been a part of!

Beginner Level

As all of our courses are designed to be inclusive of everyone, if you aren’t the sort that regularly competes in races or obstacle runs you may want to take on a beginner level approach. To prepare to run in this fashion we mainly suggest that you acclimate yourself to running if you are not already. Interval training is a great way to accomplish this. Consisting of alternating between short sprints and then walking or jogging at an easy pace and then sprinting again, this type of callisthenic workout is extremely effective, allowing you to build endurance in brief workouts that easily fit into your schedule.

Intermediate Level

If you’re a fairly athletic person and/or already have a decently high endurance for running, you might want to complete an XtremeAIR 5k with more of an intermediate technique. While you may not want to kill yourself to come in at the front of the pack, you don’t want to finish at the back either. With your running chops already taken care of it would probably benefit you most to do some light bodyweight strength training. With many of our obstacles consisting of climbing up-and-over walls and maneuvering around barriers, working on exercises such as pullups for your back and shoulders, as well as lateral side shuffles for your legs, will definitely boost your performance. 

Advanced Level

A born competitor, when you step up to the starting line the only things on your mind are beating your best personal times and defeating your friends racing alongside you. A normal 5K is the equivalent of breezy walk in the park for you, you’re seeking to push yourself, to really give it everything you’ve got. If this sounds like you, then you want to attack our obstacle course at the advanced level. If you’re looking to get a true competitive edge then you should be focusing on building up your strength and sharpening your reaction skills. To accomplish this we advise adding some cone drills to your workouts for increasing your agility and reaction speed to blast through things like our puzzling “Get Lost” obstacle, and burpees or box jumps to explode over the berms and down through the tunnels included in many of our obstacles. In addition back and shoulder workouts, utilizing your own body or additional weights, will help you overcome some of our climbing obstacles.

Now that you’ve gotten some ideas to help you form a game plan for preparing for an XtremeAIR 5K, all that is left to do is gather up your friends to, pick the location of the event you want to compete in, and which heat to run. Don’t delay though, spaces are limited and the heat you want may already be gone. Get our All-Access Pass for the freedom to show up whenever you want and slide right in to any heat.