The Most Memorable of Indianapolis 5k runs is coming!

Are you tired of the same old Indianapolis 5k runs? Well, you are in for a real treat this summer!

Indianapolis 5k runsIndianapolis, get ready to jump, dive, shimmy, and roll into the hottest Indianapolis 5k ever hit your city! Ditch the old rules that required extensive strength and endurance training, muddy shoes, and monotonous courses. This race is all about letting loose and having fun! XtremeAIR 5k has put together an all ages event that will bring out the child in all of you. Moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, bride and groom, and boys against girls can team up and race their opponents to the finish line. The only requirement is that you leave your negative and competitive attitude at home! This 5k race in Indianapolis brings a lighter side to the traditional 5k race because it combines strength, endurance, and cardio training with fun and exciting twist. 12 large inflatable obstacles lay across a scenic terrain and each offers a slightly different method of coordination. Don’t let these colorful bounce houses fool you though! You will be tested in ways that your body may or may not be used to but it doesn’t require a strict fitness routine and you don’t need to take it so seriously!

What to expect

On the Morning of August 20th, 2016 you will wake up bright an early and meet your crew at the beautiful White River State Park (the directions can be found here). You will feast your eyes on the 12 inflatable obstacles that lay before you, each different from one another. Let’s start with the first obstacle, ‘Game On’ which will give you a nice warm-up and prep you for the next one, ‘The Cliffhanger’ which will, well, send you up 3 stories to a steep slide down the other side. ‘The Gauntlet’ sounds like you should be expecting a challenge from the renaissance era as you will have to dodge large inflatable balls, dive through an inflatable jungle, and shimmy across giant X’s. And just when you think you’ve had enough, guess again because there’s more in store! Whether you have a personal goal that you want to accomplish or you’re coming with a group of you best buds for an outrageous birthday party, you are bound to have a bouncing good time.

Sign up today!

Participants’ of all ages (that meet the height minimum of 48”) and fitness levels are welcome to this exciting, high energy 5k race in Indianapolis. Sign up is going on now, so reserve your tickets before they sell out! In the event that you purchase your tickets last minute, you may do so an hour before the race starts on race day, but get them sooner rather than later because as the days get closer they will go up in price.  Race packets are available for pick up the day before the race or an hour before your wave begins on race day. Teams, military personnel, and first responders get special discounts! Check out the race page for all the details.

See you on race day!