Pittsburgh 5k races have never been this exciting!

Looking for something fun to do in Pittsburgh? Well, look no further! This is unlike any other Pittsburgh 5k races!

Pittsburgh 5k racesAre you ready to get in on Pittsburgh’s most fun event of the season? Before you dismiss this as just another 5k, imagine this: bouncing and running through massive, bouncy inflatable obstacles alongside your friends and family. This is not one of your typical Pittsburgh 5k races. The XtremeAIR 5k race was built for all ages and fitness levels! Feel free to bring the little ones as this is one of the most fun kids events Pittsburgh has ever seen! Whether you come from a family of fitness enthusiasts or you just enjoy the occasional 5k, this one is for you. No need for long hours of training sessions, professional gear, or a competitive drive to win. Just show up, grab your place, and bounce your way to the finish!

The Details

On the morning of October 1, 2016, you will arrive at South Park Fairgrounds Complex with your crew (directions can be found here). What you and your team will see is a display of 12 giant inflatable obstacles laid out across a 5k course. So, what makes these incredible bounce houses different from the other obstacles in Pittsburgh 5k races? Well, each obstacle is safe and fun for all ages, they don’t feature dangerous elements, and each one offers a different, fun challenge fit for all ages! The first obstacle, Game On, is a warm-up that will prepare you for the next 11 obstacles, and introduces you to the Cliff Hanger – an three story high climb that will keep you literally hanging on! Wait until you reach The Beast! This bad boy offers a hit so big that you will need a break in between! Without spoiling it for everyone, let’s leave the rest for when you get there! Whether you race your teammates to the finish or take a leisurely stroll with breaks between each obstacle,  you’ll have the most fun you’ve ever had at a 5k race!


Make sure you sign up before prices increase and before your preferred wave fills up! All ages are welcome, as long as they meet the 48” height minimum requirement. Packet pick up is strongly encouraged the day before the race to save time on race day, but it can always be picked up on the day of the event. If you do need to register and/or pick up your packet on the morning of the race, make sure you arrive about an hour early to ensure you have enough time to park, check in, get your packet, and scope out the course. If you have friends and family that want to join, we offer group discounts to teams. Military members and first responders also get discounted tickets, just make sure to bring an appropriate ID when you check in on race day.