Obstacle Overview

While millions of Americans every year enjoy the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits running provides, it isn't any secret it can get pretty boring. Traditional corporate runs can help by providing a friendly environment, a sense of camaraderie, and plenty of fun afterwards but the race themselves are still monotonous and uninteresting. Incorporating an obstacle course is a great way to liven things up but a permanent course is a wasteful use of space and can damage the surrounding environment. And who wants to hang out with their friends and coworkers afterwards covered in mud? Our solution was to add inflatable obstacles and the Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race was born!

Each member of our obstacle course is custom designed and fabricated with top-of-the-line materials and fastened to the ground with high strength steel alloy stakes and heavy retention straps. All of our obstacles over a certain height include fine mesh safety screening. This provides all our participants a safe environment to push themselves physically while still having a great time doing so.

Every Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race consists of twelve inflatable obstacles spread out over a five kilometer course: 

Click on the name of each obstacle to visit their own page. On it, you'll find a picture of the obstacle, a more detailed description of it, and some general information about the Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race. Check out our race location link in the navigation that has a page for each race which includes its specific location, parking information, and time schedule. Sign up with your friends and coworkers to receive a group discount. We can't wait to see you on race day!


Obstacle Course Map