Inflatable Obstacle Course Race

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Towering at three stories tall, the Cliffhanger is one the tallest inflatables you face here at the Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race. Six lanes efficiently channel participants as they scramble hand-over-hand, over the top. Two different mid-level platforms on both sides allow those needing it a chance to briefly pause and catch their footing while not slowing down the fastest racers at all. Fine mesh safety netting helps prevent any spills or falls while staying out of the way. The Cliffhanger's height sets the stage for the rest of what you'll find on an Xtreme Air 5K obstacle course. Don't look down!

Most of our staff are longtime runners that grew bored with the typical 5K race. We wanted something that was both fun and different while still challenging our bodies. Adding an obstacle course to a 5K race was the perfect idea. Some of the existing races were fun, but not all of us liked to get covered in dirt and mud. That's when we had the idea of using inflatable obstacles and BAM, the Xtreme Air 5K was born. All of the inflatables in our obstacle race are engineered with industrial grade materials and fastened to the ground with high grade steel alloy stakes and sturdy retention straps. This provides a safe environment for people of various athletic abilities to push themselves physically. 

Do you want to see if you are up to the challenge? Are you ready to run a race like no other you've ever ran before? Sign up for an Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race today! To find a race near you, click here or on our race location link in the navigation. Each race page will tell you the race's specific location, parking information, and time schedule. It will also remind you what documents you'll need to have on race day, the costs for registration, and give you a link to sign up for the race.

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