Community Service For A 5k Race

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This is it. You've made it this far. Just one more obstacle to beat. But you should know by now we aren't going to make the end easy for you. Game Over is tied with the largest and longest of all the obstacle course members in the Xtreme Air 5K. At three stories tall it stands there, beckoning to you rally everything thing you have left and charge up its face. Once there, pause for a moment and bask in the glory of everything you've accomplished or taunt your friends knowing the end to the obstacle race is right around the corner and you're going to win. Game Over!

Now that you've seen all the Xtreme Air 5K obstacle course has to offer, why don't you sign up today? Get as many of your family, friends, and coworkers as you can to register with you and get an Xtreme discount! If you or any of them need some help getting ready, the good people over at Active have got everyone covered. We collaborated with them to tailor exercise plans specifically designed for the Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race. Check them out at our prepare link or by clicking here. And don't worry if some of your friends and family aren't runners, spectating is completely free! So bring all of your adoring fans and form your own cheerleading squad to root you on!

Signing up for the race itself is ridiculously easy. Once you've registered and found a nearby obstacle race via our race location page, you'll find on every race's page the specific location for the race, where to park, required documents and fees, time schedule, and sign up link. Also included are recommendations for what to wear and bring. Make sure everyone brings their signed waiver! Can't find any races near your town? Fill out a location request form available on our Bring Xtreme page or click here. Does your city have what it takes to be Xtreme?

So do you and your friends think you're up to the challenge? Are you ready to drive yourselves to your Xtreme in a unique and fun environment? This the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself in an obstacle race like no other you've ever ran. We hope everyone has a blast running the Xtreme Air 5K and learns something about themselves while doing so. See you out there!