5k Inflatable Obstacle Course

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Now that you've gotten a taste of what our Xtreme 5K obstacle course has in store for you, run headfirst into our next obstacle named, I'm Tired. Which is exactly what your thighs will be saying when you are through. Ahead of you lays forty feet of ankle grabbing holes waiting to send you bouncing off the rubber. Pretend you are an NFL player in training or a soldier going through boot camp as you race six others to the finish. I'm Tired is the perfect thing to get your heart rate up for the rest of our obstacle race. Make those knees touch your chest!

Our Xtreme Air obstacle course coupled with a 5K run is a unique opportunity for people of various athletic abilities to physically challenge themselves in a fun environment. But making that environment safe for everyone is one of our highest priorities. Each one of our custom designed inflatables in our obstacle race is constructed with industrial grade materials and secured to the ground with steel alloy stakes and strong retention straps. So don't worry about driving yourself to your Xtreme limits!

Are you ready to find out if you have what it takes? Check out our race location link in the navigation or click here to find a Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race in your area. Each race is an opportunity to get out and meet new people in you community while engaging in physical exercise. Every race has it's own page that includes the race's specific location, parking information, and time schedule. Also listed are the documents you'll need on race day, the costs for registration, and a link to sign up for the race.

We have also partnered with the good folks over at Active to provide training plans specifically chosen to help prepare the participants of the Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race. Click here or on the prepare link in the main navigation. Want to run with with some familiar faces? Get you friends or family together to register for a group discount! Spectating is free, so get your own cheerleading squad together to come out and support you. So what are you waiting for? Register today and push yourself to the Xtreme!