Obstacle Course 5k Race

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Don't let the simplicity of our next obstacle in the Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race fool you. Leaps and Bounds is not as easy as it looks. Five giant inflatable cylinders lay in the way of your friends and coworkers progress. Climb, jump, or dive over them anyway you can. Dare your friends and family to see who can jump from each one without touching the ground. But don't slow down! You'll need to save every ounce of momentum, the rest of our obstacle course is much more complicated. 

We designed our Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race to be a novel and enjoyable alternative to the standard and dull 5K run. We strove to create a unique environment for people of various physical abilities to push themselves while having a great time doing so. Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready to drive yourself to the Xtreme? Register today and sign up for a nearby race. Sign up with your friends and family for a group discount! Our race location link in the navigation will have a page for each race which includes its specific location, parking information, and time schedule. Don't forget your necessary documents and race registration fees. We'll see you out there!

Our custom designed obstacle course uses inflatables that are fabricated with high strength materials allowing us incredible flexibility in choosing our race locations and minimizing their impact on the natural environment. This expands our ability to bring an Xtreme Air 5K to the areas that want one. Is your city one of them? If so, fill out a location request form available on our Request Event Location page by clicking here. Be sure it meets the minimum location requirements. We have to make sure all our races live up to the Xtreme Air 5k experience!

We'd like to make sure as many people as possible can have a fun time running our Xtreme Air 5K obstacle course. That is why we have decided to collaborate with Active in choosing a set of exercise training plans to help prepare our potential runners. Click here or on the prepare link in the navigation to see if there is a plan that is right for you.

One of the things that we hold dear to us at the Xtreme Air 5K is our sense of community. That's why we make it possible to donate to your group's favorite charity and even have an obstacle race dedicated to support your cause. Click here or on our contact link to find out more about supporting your favorite charity. What a great way to give back while testing yourself to the Xtreme!