Best Inflatable Obstacle Course Race

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No, your eyes aren't fooling you. Yes, it really is that big.

Those are the two questions and answers most people hear in their heads when they first catch a glimpse of The Beast. Rising to a height of thirty feet and laying longer than a thirteen story building,  The Beast is one of the two largest and longest inflatables you'll encounter on our obstacle course and certainly the most elaborate. The Beast incorporates many features of the previous obstacles into one huge, jam-packed lineup of fun. Enter through the gates and fight your way through the inflatable forest while you squeeze through the rollers. Scramble up and over two berms, the second larger than the first. Make your way to the far side of the tunnel and then climb hand-over-hand thirty feet high to reach the top of the last hill in the obstacle. You'll be rewarded with a exhilarating slide down the back to send you on your way to the final member of the Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race. You are almost there!

All the components of our obstacle course are made with industrial grade material and secured in place with high strength steel stakes and strong retention straps. Every one of our obstacles over a certain height also comes with fine mesh safety netting. This allows people of various ages and athletic abilities to participate. So don't worry about pushing yourself to your maximum Xtreme!

Do you want to find out if you have what it takes to tackle the Xtreme Air 5K obstacle course? Help yourself get ready by using the exercise plans specifically chosen by our good friends at Active. Check out the prepare link in the main navigation or by clicking here. Once you're ready, find an obstacle race in your area by clicking here or searching the race location link. Every race page includes the specific directions, parking information, race fees, time schedule, necessary documents, and recommendations for what to wear and bring. Also provided is a link to sign up for that obstacle race. Get your friends and family to register with you for a group discount or ask us about our season passes. Stay informed with the latest Xtreme Air news and information by visiting our blog.  Feel free to contact us on the web or by calling our toll free number to speak with one of our friendly operators. Don't let a little hesitation keep you from reaching your Xtreme potential!