Extreme Obstacle Course Race

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If you've gotten this far, you are miles into the Xtreme Air 5k obstacle race. By now your legs are burning and your lungs are gasping for air. You are feeling it in muscle groups that you've never noticed in other 5K races. But don't let yourself get Tunnel Vision, a fitting name for the next piece of our obstacle course, as you dash past fellow racers through three stories worth of Xtreme enclosed awesomeness! Bragging rights go to whoever emerges first so keep up your step!

Our main objective in developing the Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race was to provide a new and rewarding experience that allows people of various athletic abilities to challenge themselves physically. We chose to integrate an obstacle course with the standard 5K run to bring people a way to get outside and exercise while having a fun time doing so. However, making that environment safe for everyone is also a serious priority for us. That is why each one of our obstacles is constructed with superior grade material and anchored to the ground with industrial grade steel alloy stakes and heavy restraining straps. This allows all of our runners the assurance to push themselves to the Xtreme!

Also essential to us at Xtreme Air 5K is taking pride in our community and the environment. That's why our obstacle course is designed to minimize the effects on the natural environment. Additionally, we have made it possible for participants to donate to their group's favorite charity or even have an obstacle race dedicated to support a worthy cause. Check out our contact link or click here to find out more about helping your favorite charity. What an awesome way to give back while challenge your body to the Xtreme!

Are you still here? What are you waiting for? Register today! We have made it extremely easy to sign up and every race has its own page that provides the race's specific location, parking information, fees, time schedule, and sign up link. Find a race near you by visiting our race location page in the main navigation or by clicking here. Is there not a race near you? Help bring an Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race to your city by filling out the request form in our location request page. Make sure your location meets all the necessary requirements. We've can't wait to bring an Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race to you!