2016 Inflatable Obstacle Course Race

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Now that you know just how Xtreme this obstacle course can be, get ready to be pushed to your limit! The name of this obstacle lets you know exactly what is in store as you climb “Up and Down” two and a half stories of inflatable fun. The slide down the backside morphs directly into a second hill that keeps all of our participants from slacking off. Slide down it and then propel yourself through the gates as you continue on as fast as you can in the Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race!

By combining a boring 5k run with a custom produced obstacle course, we have created a uniquely fun and exciting experience for you to challenge yourself physically and compete with fellow members of your community while doing so. Our Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race is designed to be enjoyable for participants of various shapes and sizes. That is why we have got together with the gurus over at Active to develop exercise plans specifically tailored to help prepare everyone for our obstacle race. Check them out by clicking on the prepare link in the main navigation or by clicking here

Want to see some familiar faces out on the obstacle course? Invite your friends, family, and coworkers to register with you. Register with a group and get a discounted ticket! The more you sign up, the bigger the discount. Spectating is free, so anyone not up to racing can come out and cheer you on. We have put all the info you'll need on each race's location page. Click here to get each race's specific location, parking information, time schedule, and provide a sign up link. Have any questions or recommendations? Let us know by visiting the contact link in the main navigation, or by clicking here. We'll do everything we can to get you racing!

We also strive to make the Xtreme Air 5k obstacle race as safe as possible. Every one of our inflatables in our obstacle race are engineered with industrial grade material and fastened to the ground with high grade steel alloy stakes and robust retention straps. The Xtreme Air 5k also includes fine mesh safety screening for all our obstacles over a certain height. This gives our participants the confidence to push themselves to the limit!