Don’t Miss this St. Louis 5k Race – Coming Soon!

This is a summer-sizzler you don’t want to miss! Join the inflatable fun-in-the-sun at the St. Louis 5k race!

St. Louis 5k RaceHey Missouri, try this on for size! An inflatable and bouncy obstacle course to excite, strengthen, and challenge you is happening soon! This is unlike any 5k race in St. Louis and it’s about to throw you for loop. A gorgeous summer day should be spent in Forest Park, one of the largest, natural urban parks in the county! Be prepared to have a thrilling, bouncy, and fun time without the muddy, difficult mess of other obstacle course races. So strap on those sneakers and grab a partner for the most extreme day you’ll have this summer!

What’s in Store at this St. Louis 5k Race?

These fun, inflatable obstacles in this St. Louis 5k race are brought to you by XtremeAIR 5k. Although these courses may look like a good time, don’t be fooled. Each inflatable obstacle has a mind of its own with very bouncy terrain. For example, Game On gets your blood pumping with a steep hill climb of three stories only to plunge down another steep and bouncy slide into your next obstacle. Leaps and Bounds may look simple, but don’t be fooled. Five large inflatable cylinders wait to trip you up as you dive, bounce, and jump over them to get to the next course. Far from over, Balls to the Wall sets the bar high with large inflatable balls waiting to send you falling! You must bounce across them to get to the end of this crazy obstacle. Just don’t fall in the cracks!

Come One, Come All to one of the most exciting St. Louis 5k race!

Not only do girls just want to have fun, but boys, teens, moms, and grandfathers! This is the most exciting and enjoyable race of all 5k races in St. Louis. All you need is a bottle of water and comfortable sneakers. Run or go at your own pace. This isn’t a contest of the fittest, it’s an event that allows all shapes and sizes, athletic or not, to come out and have an enjoyable experience along with getting some exercise! Whether you come alone or a part of a team, you are guaranteed to have a few laughs with your peers, make new friends, and leave feeling energized. You know it would be pretty funny to see your friends trip-up on an inflatable obstacle, so grab a group of people and sign up as a team and receive an awesome discount here! Wouldn’t it be hilarious to see your coworkers bounce through these inflatable obstacles? Corporate packages are available at an unbeatable price.  Participants of all ages are welcome as long as they meet the height requirement of 48”.

Register at the St. Louis 5k Race

Don’t wait until the day of race to join because ticket prices will increase. It’s better to get them ahead of the game, save time and hassle waiting in line. For direct advanced purchase, can make it a breeze. Military participants and first responders get a discount for sharing the fun on this beautiful land! Learn more here.

See you on race day!

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    when day is this happening? and how do I get a ticket?