What is an XtremeAIR 5K?

As more and more Americans grow bored of the common, conventional runs and marathons that litter the country, there has been a growing demand for a more engaging, entertaining style of run that gives its competitors a chance to blow off-steam and fool around. However, the majority of the obstacle course runs that have sprung up often tout themselves as being elite athletic competitions or pride themselves on being grueling feats pain and endurance. The XtremeAIR 5k breaks free from the norm of obstacle courses by prioritizing one thing above all else - that participants have the most fun and exciting run of their life!

Our custom inflatable obstacle courses are designed to be suitable for people of all age ranges and levels of fitness to have a blast on! You can take your time climbing up our Cliffhanger obstacle or take a break before trying not to Get Lost in our maze obstacle. At the same time, if you find it difficult to suppress your competitive spirit, which is perfectly understandable, and choose to attack our courses by barreling through at full speed, you will find they can also be quite challenging. Whatever approach you take, an XtremeAIR 5K is always a guaranteed good time!

An XtremeAIR 5K provides the perfect opportunity to gather your friends and family together, get out of the house, and go on an adventure! Not only is it infinitely more fun to take on the course with a team, it saves everyone money on registration too. With our easy to use online self-registration tools, creating a team and getting the whole gang together is a breeze. There is no minimum or maximum number of people you can register on a team, and you don’t have to know who’s going to be on your squad or how many of them there will be, so invite everyone! The XtremeAIR 5k also makes for great corporate team-building exercises, bringing the whole office together with some sweaty smiles. It’ll break everyone out of the day-to-day grind and build a lasting team spirit among colleagues.  Check out our team and corporate packages for more details on rates and discounts!

After you register, for whatever attitude you may have towards running an XtremeAIR 5K, we have some training tips and suggestions on our get prepared page for your benefit.  If you have any questions regarding our team or corporate packages, volunteering opportunities, or anything else, contact us to get in touch with a knowledgeable member of our Xtreme Team today!

Are you a first responder?

Xtreme Air 5K loves first responders! As heroes in your community, we’d love it if you can join us at the Xtreme Air 5K in your area! Click the button below to redeem a first responder coupon code for a 25% discount.