Want Xtreme Air 5K to Come to Your Town?

So you want to run an Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race but you've checked out our race pages and there isn't one near you. Don't worry, we got you! An Xtreme Air 5K is the perfect way for members of your community to get to know each other while physically challenging yourselves.

You can help bring an obstacle course to your city by filling out the request form below. We are always on the look out for new locations to host an Xtreme Air 5K. If you think your town is Xtreme enough be sure to let us know!

Location Requirements

To be considered for an Xtreme Air 5K obstacle race please make sure your location meets the following requirements:

The location must also satisfy the following requirements:

  • At least 80 acres of flat land, 120 acres or more being ideal.
  • Ability to stake inflatables into the ground (25” deep).
  • Ample power sources to connect the air compressors.
  • The ability to setup and break down two days before and after the event.
  • Restrooms on-site or a permit to bring in portable toilets.
  • Food and beverage flexibility.
  • Space for sponsors or vendors.

Ideally we would also like have:

  • Safe and covered spaces for our spectators.
  • Sufficient parking space for all of our participants, spectators, staff, and volunteers.
  • A public address system capable of reaching the entire race area.

We like to make our races as unique as possible so the more picturesque the location, the better. Our use of inflatable obstacles allows us to hold an Xtreme Air 5K in locations that otherwise wouldn't be accessible to other obstacle races. Our obstacle course is also designed to be flexible while also minimizing the impact to the surrounding environment. Just because we are Xtreme doesn't mean we aren't green!

All of our custom engineered inflatables in our obstacle course are constructed with industrial grade materials and anchored to the ground with high strength steel alloy stakes and think retaining straps. Each obstacle race will have its own race page that will provide the race's specific location, parking information, time schedule, race fees, and a sign up link. Do you have what it takes to be Xtreme? Come find out!